Baby Pull-Up Pants

999.00 700.00

  • High-Speed Channel: Moisture spreads faster all over the pad to be absorbed quickly so that the surface remains dry.
  • Certification: CE, ISO 9001: 2015
Size No. of Pcs/
Body Weight
Packing Master Bag
New-Born 84 Pcs
up to 4 Kgs
84 Pcs Per
Jumbo Bag
8 Jumbo
Packets Per
Gunny Bag
Small 84 Pcs
3-7 Kgs
84 Pcs Per
Jumbo Bag
Medium 76 Pcs
6-10 Kgs
76 Pcs Per
Jumbo Bag
Large 74 Pcs
10-14 Kgs
74 Pcs Per
Jumbo Bag
Ex-Large 70 Pcs
12-17 Kgs
70 Pcs Per
Jumbo Bag
XX-Large 70 Pcs
Over 17Kgs
70 Pcs Per
Jumbo Bag


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